Create with the Tate

Location:Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Date:Tate Kids

Tate Gallery shares hundreds of online resources to help you create, play and explore with your kids. Explore now. 

Looking for some creative inspiration to keep the kids entertained? (Or to you want to try something new yourself?) Just because you can’t visit the Tate right now, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of its huge creative collection.

The Tate’s team of artists have been pulling out all of their tricks to keep the kids entertained. There’s a host of ideas for you to try and home – use foam to make marbled paper or try you hand at being a pop artist. You can make a painting from chocolate, learn how to collage, or tie a friendship bracelet.

It’s packed full of exciting things for you to do and try – with as many as possible from things you’ll already have around the house. Or there’s an op art plant pot to make, your own wrapping paper, or a picture with sand. There are robots and string dens. Or get inspiration from the professionals when you meet a print maker or a street artist.

The Tate Kids site is divided into three sections – make, games and quizzes and explore. You can find out more about the lives of famous artists, from Salvador Dali to Vincent van Gogh, Keith Haring and Liverpool favourite – dazzle ferry and Sgt. Pepper’s artist Peter Blake.

Or play a game or a quiz – find out which super hero you are, or draw create your own street art and upload it to the Tate’s online gallery.

Tate’s online activities take the broadest possible approach to art, including technology – you can even make a robot that draws for you – and performance, from dance to word performance and music.

While we’re all staying indoors, this is one that’s designed to brighten your day!


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