Tate Liverpool unveils two new free displays

Tate Liverpool unveils two new free displays

From February, visitors to the dock’s iconic art gallery will discover two new displays from the Tate Collection. Featuring more than 80 works, the two displays: The Port and Migrations and Global Encounters, will explore themes of movement, migration and international exchange as well as their impact on Liverpool’s history. 

A highlight will be Hew Locke’s Armada 2019, an immersive installation consisting of cargo ships, fishing boats, rafts and more from varying historical periods. Suspended from the ceiling, some boats will feature fishing nets and decorations, while others incorporate jews and military badges from the Caribbean, Syria and beyond. Armada reflects on international trade and the movement of people during the current global refugee crisis. 

The Port and Migrations considers how the movement of people and ideas is central to Liverpool’s history and identity as well as its relationship with the wider world. It features artists such as Sonia Boyce Rita Donagh and Anish Kapoor.

Global Encounters rethinks how international exchange has enabled the growth of ideas and knowledge, as global art movements and tendencies have been shaped by migration and the relationships between artists on different continents. Featuring artists include Piet Mondrian, Naum Gabo, Shikanosuke Yagaki. 

The Port and Migrations and Global Encounters opens on Monday 14 February.

Book: https://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-liverpool

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