Royal Albert Dock celebrates 175th birthday

30th July, 2021

Today marks 175 years since the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool was officially opened by Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert, on 30 July 1846, with a lavish party to mark the occasion.

When the Royal Albert Dock was opened in 1846 it changed the way the docks worked here forever, with Liverpool’s docks dominating global trade by the early 19th century. Its serene waters stretched approximately seven and a half acres, about the size of three football pitches, construction cost £721,756, the equivalent of £41 million today, and the dock welcomed sailing ships of between 500-1000 ton cargo capacity.

From maritime to the arts, the Mersey has always played a central role in the city’s cultural life, and the dock’s vast size stamped its imprint on the waterfront we know and love.

Read all about the history of the dock including its popularity, decline and incredible regeneration over on Liverpool Museum’s website here.