Leading the way towards a greener dock

Leading the way towards a greener dock

We’re proud to announce that we’re leading the way towards a greener future with our new on-site Waste Management Programme, meaning a whopping 100% of waste from our businesses is now zero landfill, with more than 55% completely recycled, and just in time for Global Recycling Day on 18th March. 

When you combine the amount of lovely visitors we have at each of our 84 businesses, that’s a whole lot of waste to manage, which is why after 14 months of planning and a lot of hard work, we’ve introduced a fully-integrated waste management system. This allows every piece of cardboard, glass and mixed non-recyclables to be collected, separated and recycled, and food waste to be compacted and converted into green fuel. 

Plus, our carbon footprint has been drastically cut by reducing the number of waste collections, from previously up to 21 per day servicing individual venues, to just two each week for the entire estate.

In the six months since the new system was launched in August 2021, the dock has sent more than 300 tonnes of mixed waste to be converted into refuse derived fuel, 110 tonnes of glass for recycling, and almost 40 tonnes of cardboard to be recycled…that’s a whole lot of waste! 

Plus, we’ve got even more plans for the future to improve our sustainability and lead the way towards a greener dock so watch this space…

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