Joe Lycett to unveil giant toilet in Liverpool to mark new podcast launch

Joe Lycett to unveil giant toilet in Liverpool to mark new podcast launch

Joe Lycett will unveil a giant, inflatable portable toilet, The Turdis, at Royal Albert Dock on Thursday 23rd November to mark the launch of his new-brand podcast, Turdcast.

Ahead of the first episode of Turdcast going live at 9am on Friday 24th November, Joe will bring the fully functioning giant toilet to Liverpool on Thursday, inviting members of the public to walk the brown carpet, spend a penny/drop a plop and share their own loo-themed stories, which will be recorded and included in the very first episode.

The Turdis will then go on tour to other selected UK locations to mark the launch of the podcast over the coming weeks, including Hartlepool (Thursday 30th November) and Ramsbottom (Tuesday 12th December).

Joe announced Turdcast last week, promising a safe space for your favourite celebrities to flush out their most satisfying, horrifying and frankly awful toilet stories. From bog standards to demon dumps, we all have a toilet story to tell and Turdcast promises that you’ll now get to hear them all in the number 1 (or number 2) podcast from Mummy. Turdcast will reveal the side (underside?) of your favourite celebrities we don’t get to hear enough about, be it because of their shyness, modesty or downright self-disgust. 

Gary Lineker is the guest for the very first episode where he discusses the now legendary moment he ‘relieved’ himself on the pitch in England’s opening game of the 1990 World Cup in front of hundreds of millions of people, Gazza farting during team baths and more, with a string of other celebrities set to feature.

The Turdis will be formally opened by Joe in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1pm on Thursday 23rd November at Royal Albert Dock Liverpool, flushing away the people of Liverpool’s final offering when the lid closes at 3pm. 

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