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Liverpool’s best veggie fest?

Head over to the Dock this May and get involved in National Vegetarian Week

Looking for some of Liverpool’s best veggie food? Look no further… May 13 – 19 marks National Vegetarian Week, so we’ve taken the chance to champion some of the Dock’s favourite vegetarian dishes. There’s so much to choose from that it took us a little while to work through all of the recommendations, but we’ve narrowed it down for you.

If you’re heading for a meal out in Liverpool – whether you’re veggie, want to try eating less meat or are thinking about how you can do more for the environment this May, then head down to the Dock.

Get over to Gusto

Gusto always promises an extravagant Italian welcome, with a rich variety of flavours. We’ve spent plenty of time over the years sampling the delights of the Gusto menu and these vegetarian creations always stand out.

Choose your starters from goats’ cheese gnudi with aged balsamic and beetroot – gnudi, if you weren’t sure, is a goats’ cheese ball rolled in semolina and fried lightly – or a warm salad of pearled spelt, tomato and artichoke – that’s also vegan. The rainbow vegetable parcel main course is packed with roast beetroot, aubergine, squash, courgette, red peppers, all on a light, flaky goats’ cheese filo parcel; the heritage tomato panzanella salad is a classic Italian dish, using gluten-free ciabatta bread with capers and red onions, while the Gusto vegan burger features a Moving Mountains burger, packed with beetroot juice, plant proteins, mushrooms, herbs and spices.

Rice noodles and summer rolls at Rosa’s Thai

Rosa’s co-founder and chef Saiphin Moore grew up on a mountain farm in Thailand, so she knows a thing or two about cooking with veg, she says. Rosa’s curry pastes don’t contain shrimp paste or fish sauce, and are created from Saiphin’s own recipes. These four were made to make our mouths water...

Fresh Summer Spring Rolls © Fresh Summer Spring Rolls
Butternut & Cashew Stir Fry © Butternut & Cashew Stir Fry
Rosas Fried Rice © Rosas Fried Rice
Rosa's Butternut Red Curry © Rosa's Butternut Red Curry

Rosa’s fresh summer rolls are made of soft rice paper, rice noodles, fragrant herbs and mixed vegetables rolled inside, served with tamarind sauce with crushed peanuts. For a main, pick your pad Thai with veg and tofu. One of Thailand’s best-know exports, the stir-fried noodle dish comes with mixed vegetables, tofu and eggs, served in a homemade tamarind sauce and topped with crushed peanuts. Rosa’s fried rice always proves a colourful concoction, with mixed veg, tofu, vegetarian stir-fry sauce, eggs, cherry tomatoes, onions and bright spring greens. Or, if you’re looking for something with a bit of spice, try the butternut red curry. It’s Saiphin’s signature curry and laced with sweet basil and butternut squash.

Download the full menu here

Revolution De Cuba’s jackfruit chilli

Revolution De Cuba brings a tropical twist to the Dock’s eating options, with starters, small plates and mains introducing a taste of the Caribbean to the shores of the Mersey.

Jackfruit is the latest veggie trend and gives these jackfruit chilli nachos a great meaty consistency, alongside manchego cheese sauce, mango salsa and guacamole. The spiced beet burgers are a real mouthful, featuring a beetroot burger with coriander and mint, topped with lettuce, tomato, guacamole, white bean purée and pickled onions (also vegan). If you’re in the mood for cheese, you can resist the squeakiest of them all? Halloumi tacos are on the small bites menu, coming lightly coated in chilli jam glaze with butternut squash and courgette. Or seek out a smoky veggie quesadilla, with veg bound in a a smoky Capia pepper pesto with tomato salsa, sour cream and stringy mozzarella.

Lunch in style at Lunyalita

Lunyalita excels itself with specialist vegan menu and we frequently head over there with our vegan visitors. Not only does it devote a full section to olives, capers, cornichons and chillis, but brings a laid back Spanish twist to many classic dishes – you may well need a siesta after this!

Cauliflower buñuelos are roasted cauliflower and cumin fritters, served with a Canary Island mojo picón sauce; escalivada is chargrilled peppers, aubergines, onions and courgettes on toasted sourdough, with Romesco sauce. But the one we try each time we lunch at Lunyalita is the classical woodland mushrooms – pan-fried in flavoursome Arbequina olive oil with asparagus. Irresistible.

Pop in to Peaberry Coffee House and Kitchen

Peaberry opened its second eatery on the Dock, having already made a name for itself just a little further up the waterfront with its delicious locally-sourced, homemade menu. With a wide variety of veggie dishes, these will keep you going from breakfast to nightfall...

Avocado’s a fruit, you know – technically it’s a large berry with a single seed – so this gives you a sweet/ savoury start to the day. The avocado and mango breakfast combines generous amounts of cubed mango and avocado on toast, topped with two soft poached eggs. Move on to the light bites menu when you’re ready with roasted butternut squash and black bean samosas (also vegan) – with crispy pastry filled with black rice, black beans and roasted squash, accompanied by a mango and papaya dip. Or head straight for the breaded halloumi fingers, with their spiced sun blush tomato mayo. When it’s time to try a main course, we love the colourful veggie/ vegan tower… beetroot and red cabbage slaw, topped with red chicory and either goats cheese or vegan cheese, salad and dressed with a ginger and fennel soy dressing. And who can resist a dish called squash, squash, squash? Oven roasted squash is filled with a black truffle, lemon and barley risotto and finished with red pepper and soya velouté.

Spoilt for choice? The Dock has so many choices we think you might need more than a week to sample them… If you’d like to find out more about National Vegetarian Week, head over to their website. You can download a poster with 50 veggie things to try in May – jackfruit’s on the list, as is a burger taste test – so come and join us at the Dock for a mouthwatering May meal.