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Homage to Catalunya

Lunyalita opens its doors to customers Friday 13 July, bringing a taste of Spanish summer to the Dock.

Opening on Friday 13 July... 

Owners Peter and Elaine Kinsella can’t wait for their latest venture, Lunyalita, to move into the Dock. The ‘irreverent baby sister’ of Lunya ‘won’t serve anything you wouldn’t see in any good bar or restaurant in Barcelona or Madrid,’ he says, promising the Dock’s newest resident will stock 15 gins alongside its 50 wines, and 400 food products, including 12 olive oils.

‘I’m obsessive about going over to Spain constantly,’ Peter says. ‘In another life, we’d make good detectives. We find the produce we sell by following hunches and keeping an ear to the ground. One great food producer usually knows another… A cheesemaker put us on to the people who make the turrón we sell; which turned out to be Albert Adria, the former-pastry chef in El Bulli.’

Recipes from their research trips have made their way onto the Lunyalita menu – Peter and his team of chefs are fans of experimenting in the kitchen. While the evening menu will focus on tasty tapas, lunch dishes promise some classics, including large single plates and bowls, plus sharing platters. ‘We’ll have some of our signature dishes,’ says Peter. ‘Like our huevos rotos, and every day will have a big, changing, stew pot. When it’s gone, it’s gone.’


Owners Peter and Elaine Kinsella

We tried the deli board...

But in celebration of summer evening sunshine, we tried the deli board, which he describes as ‘the world’s biggest, most exotic ploughmans.’ Alongside specific meat, cheese, vegetarian and vegan platters, we tried out the full monty of an unforgettable sharing board. Bursting with colour and spicy Spanish flavours, we asked Peter for his favourite tastes.


Luyalita Deli Board

Bursting with colour and spicy Spanish flavours

Chorizo sausage rolls
An early Lunya invention, the sausage rolls combine 50% minced chorizo with 50% lean Gloucester old spot pork (which means they don’t get too oily), alongside grated manchego cheese, smoked chilli jam, fennel seeds and breadcrumbs. Managing to be simultaneously sweet, savoury and slightly spicy, the pastry absorbs the chorizo’s smoky paprika oil, and tastes amazing.

The Catalan dip is another Lunya invention, and remains completely unique. Blending a range of ingredients including soured cream, mayonnaise, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and smoked paprika – amongst others – it’s the perfect foil for crunchy fresh crudites, bread sticks and crackers.

El Blau Mar - which translates as ‘the blue sea’ – is a mild cow, sheep and goat’s milk blue cheese from Catalunya. ‘It’s got the creaminess of clotted cream,’ says Peter. ‘An incredible creamy flavour and texture, and it’s light. It’s like a cross between Stilton & Danish Blue.’

(Lunyalita also does a lovely slice of quince jelly with manchego. ‘In Spain you always have fruit and nuts with cheese - nothing vinegary like a chutney,’ says Peter. ‘Sugar and salt works so well together.’)

While the wafer thin lomo - a cured pork loin - is the leanest of Spanish meats, it’s the salchichón - a Catalan version of salami – that Peter picks out. Made from a combination of belly pork and shoulder pork from Iberico pig, chopped with salt and black pepper, it’s tender and beautifully seasoned and great with crusty bread.

Perhaps the most unusual item on our board, el Valle’s huevo frito (egg) crisps are ‘just the most perfect capturing of flavour,’ he says. And they do taste exactly like the crispy bits on a fried egg. ‘They also have a black olive flavour, which tastes exactly like olives. We always try to get something a different, and are the first people to introduce them to the UK.’


El Blau Mar

Finish with a...

Traditionally made with ground almonds, honey and egg, turrón is a traditional Spanish dessert, especially at Christmas. While turrón can be soft and crumbly or hard and crunchy, like a nougat, this chocolatey, airy soufflé is made by the Vicens family in Catalonia, who’ve specialised in it since 1775.

Lunyalita’s Saula coffee comes from a small family firm in Barcelona. Peter calls it ‘one of the best coffees in the world. The quality of coffee is one of the only things I’m snobby about,’ he says. ‘It’s the last thing you taste after a meal, so it should be really good.’ Saula has also just started doing an iced coffee, which Lunyalita stocks too. We heartily recommend it on a sunny day.

The team is introducing a new private dining experiences and moving its in-demand tasting sessions to the Dock, which we can’t recommend enough. Sitting at the bar, with the chefs cooking in front of you, basking in the sunshine in the courtyard, or looking out over the Dock from the balcony, Lunyalita looks set to become a perfect sunset spot with a bottle of wine, or an afternoon beer and a board…

Lunyalita opens its doors to customers on Friday 13 July.