Fiery cocktails to light up your night

From spiced spirits to drinks served aflame, put a much-needed kick in your cocktail this winter.


The Smugglers Cove

Offering a lip-smacking Zombie, the cove serves up this iconic cocktail with a side of flames. Made with Appleton Signature Rum, pineapple juice, demerara syrup, grenadine, passion fruit, mango and a splash lime juice, this boozy beverage is guaranteed to start your night on a high.



A trip to Madre isn’t complete without a margarita to accompany your mouth-watering meal. Spicy and seriously moreish, enjoy their signature Green Bee marg, is made with Tequila Tapatio, lime juice, coriander and the main ingredient – jalapeños.


Think you can handle the heat? Head to the dock’s resident vodka bar, Revolution for the ultimate shot, and enjoy (if you can) a Fiery Chilli. Perfect for a quick hit of heat on those rainy days, this shot is all you need to get tastebuds tingling.


Revolución de Cuba

There’s no better way to warm up than heading to the sunny streets of the Caribbean with Revolución de Cuba and sipping on their take on the classic Zombie, made with a combination of three Havana Club rums, Wray & Nephew Overproof rum, Supasawa, orange, passionfruit and strawberry.



For a twist on a classic margarita, head to Maray and sip on a Small Town Chase. Featuring winter berries, rooibos tea, sumac and a hint of Mezcal to give an intense smoky flavour, this cocktail is perfect for fans of fruity concoctions.



From cocktails served aflame to cocktails served with smoke, indulge in an Old Tobacco Dock from social fine dining restaurant Lerpwl. Made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, demerara, bitters, oak and smoke, this beverage puts on a show for those sipping it.

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