Sweet treats to satisfy your chocolate cravings

If there’s ever a time to indulge your sweet tooth with some chocolate, it’s around Easter, and our bars and restaurants are raising their game with their mouth-watering selection of treats, desserts, and even limited edition chocolate eggs with a special golden ticket to be won…

Maray’s Chocolate Tart

For the ultimate indulgent dessert, Maray’s melt in your mouth Chocolate Tart is the perfect ending to a Middle Eastern feast, comprising orange liqueur plums, pistachios and Chantilly cream; this is a dessert you won’t want to share!

Revolución de Cuba’s Banana Empanadas

For a true taste of the Caribbean, head to Revs de Cuba and indulge in their Banana Empanadas; deep fried sweet pasties filled with banana, dulche de leche and rum, served up with a side of chocolate dipping sauce.

Lerpwl’s handmade Easter eggs

Ellis and his team are pulling out all of the stops this Easter and creating 100 limited edition handcrafted dark chocolate eggs, with one lucky egg containing a ‘Golden Ticket’, offering a delicious tasting menu for 2 at Lerpwl. Plus, all of the other eggs will have a silver ticket offering 10% off at Lerpwl on Wednesday & Thursday, sounds like a win win to us!

Head to lerpwl.com to purchase directly from 3rd April, priced at £35 each.

Gusto’s New Chocolate & Biscoff Dough Petals

The dock’s favourite Italian restaurant is giving their hugely popular dough petals an Easter makeover with their new Chocolate & Biscoff Dough Petals. Served on a platter with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries, this is a dessert worth saving room for.

Miller & Carter’s Giant Chocolate Fudge Cake

If you’re looking for the ultimate indulgent chocolate dessert, Miller & Carter’s Giant Chocolate Fudge Cake ticks all the boxes. Ideal for sharing, this ridiculously tempting dessert is served with hot chocolate sauce, cherries in Kirsch and whipped cream.

Revolution’s Chocolate Brownie

For a winning combination of chocolate and cocktails, head to party hotspot Revolution to get your chocolate fix with their gooey Chocolate Brownie served with chocolate sauce and strawberry & vanilla ice cream, and to really get the party started, pair with a chilled white chocolate shot…it is Easter after all.

Roly’s Fudge Chocolate Fudge

Crafted from 100% cocoa and devilishly dark chocolate, there’s no surprise that Roly’s Chocolate Fudge is one of their bestsellers, offering a crumbly melt in your mouth texture and sure to sate even the biggest sweet tooth. Or for an extra treat, pick up one of their limited edition Easter Special selection boxes which contains Hot Cross Bun Fudge and the Chocolate Fudge; Easter flavours at their best.

Rough Hand Made’s White Chocolate Croissant

This family-run boutique bakery has a glowing reputation for its freshly made pastries and handmade bakes, with items often selling out before the lunchtime rush. Their best-selling white chocolate croissant ticks all the boxes, flaky pastry with a silky chocolate filling, topped with white chocolate flakes for the ultimate Easter treat.

The Smugglers Cove’s Mint and Aero Cookie Dough

Cookie dough and Aero? It’s mint to be! The newest addition to the smuggler’s menu, Mint Aero Cookie Dough, is a must for any lovers of the refreshing aftertaste. Also served with mint choc chip ice cream, this dessert is ideal for fans of the beloved chocolate bar.