Liverpool's Dream


Location:Various locations

Date:4-7 October 2018

Time:6.30pm - 8.30pm


The Route 

5 October

10.00-13:00: Giants wake up in St George's Hall Plateau, walk to Lime Street, Renshaw Street, across St Luke's Place on to Berry Street, Upper Duke Street, Catharine Street, across Upper Parliament Street on to Princes Road, Princes Gate West, Devonshire Road and into Princes Park where a siesta will take place.

16:15-19:15: Wake up in Princes Park, walk to Devonshire Road, Princes Gate West, Princes Road, across Upper Parliament Street, Catharine Street, Canning Street, Upper Duke Street, Duke Street, Paradise Street, Liver Street, turn on to The Strand on to Queens Wharf for an evening sleep.

Wirral Giant route

11:15-13:00: Giant wakes up next to the lighthouse at Fort Perch Rock, walks along Marine Promenade, on to Coastal Drive towards Kings Parade to have a siesta.

15:00-17:15: Wakes up at The Dips, heads along Kings Parade, Marine Promenade, Tower Promenade and Magazines Promenade.

6 October

Liverpool Giant route

10:00-13:00: Wake up in Queens Wharf, on to Wapping, The Strand, Paradise Street, Hanover Street, Church Street, Whitechapel, Stanley Street across Victoria Street, Dale Street, Castle Street, Derby Square, James Street across The Strand to Mann Island where there will be a stop for a siesta.

15:30-17:45: Wake up at Mann Island, continue on to Canada Boulevard, Water Street, The Strand before making a U-turn returning on to The Strand, George's Dock Gates where all Giants meet and continue on to New Quay, Bath Street, Waterloo Road and Clarence Dock for their evening sleep.

Liverpool Giant Route 2

11:00-12:50: Wakes up at Canning Dock, on to Salthouse Quay, The Strand, James Street, Castle Street, Dale Street, Crosshall Street, across Victoria Street, Whitechapel, St John's Lane, St George's Place, Lime Street, Elliot Street, Great Charlotte Street, Ranelagh Street, Church Street, Lord Street on to Derby Square where there will be a siesta.

15:.50- 17:45 Wakes up at Derby Square and continues on to Castle Street, Dale Street, Moorfields, Tithebarn Street, Chapel Street, George's Dock Gates, where all Giants meet up and continue on to Bath Street, Waterloo Road and Clarence Dock for their evening sleep.

7 October

All Giants

10:15-12.00: Leave via King Edward Street, George's Dock Gates and on to The Strand. At this point one Giant will depart via The Docks. The remaining giants will continue along The Strand and on to Sefton Street where they will stop for a siesta.

Giants' final parade

14:30-16.00: Leave Sefton Street on to The Strand, Giants parade and bid farewell at Canning Dock.

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Liverpool's Dream
Liverpool's Dream


"Dreams don’t sleep.

Like a tree on the moon
the Giant, lying on a raft
has stranded on the beach of New Brighton.

Who knows on what ship he has taken off his diving suit,
what storm he has suffered from
and what currents have pushed him towards Liverpool.

The fact remains that the Little Girl Giant has appointed her
brother, the Little Boy Giant, to go see him.

He has settled in St George’s Hall.

Besides the city has organised a fancy dress ball in his honour.

Even if thunder wanted to crush the city,
sewn clouds are protecting the sky.

The heart of the inhabitants radiates so strongly
that we can hear the beats echoing
over to Dublin.

Careful, the dreams of the Giants alight in Liverpool!"

© Jean-Luc Courcoult, Author and Artistic Director, Founder of Royal de Luxe