Liverpool Mountain

Mermaid Courtyard

Acclaimed Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s first UK work stands alongside Tate Liverpool. His soaring, ten metre-high Liverpool Mountain is created from vertically-stacked rocks, with each stone painted a different fluorescent colour.

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"Public sculpture is where you can reach people, and that is what art should do… to reach people and touch people. It gives you the kind of optimism that we need in this time"


Liverpool Mountain © Mark McNulty
Liverpool Mountain © Rob Battersby

The artwork celebrates Liverpool City Region’s commitment to supporting bold, contemporary art – and the city’s status as a world-renowned cultural destination. It’s also part of the Liverpool 2018 programme, which marks the 10th anniversary of Liverpool European Capital of Culture, the 20th anniversary of Liverpool Biennial and 30th anniversary of Tate Liverpool.

Speaking at its launch in October 2018, Rondinone said: ‘The Royal Albert Dock is amazing, I am very proud to be part of it… the colour scheme goes from brown to grey so the coloured mountains stands out and it creates a landmark… it will guide them to the Tate Liverpool.

‘I hope the people of Liverpool will embrace it and protect their sculpture,’ he adds.

Liverpool Mountain © Mark McNulty
Liverpool Mountain © Mark McNulty

Liverpool Mountain

Mermaid Courtyard
Albert Dock
Liverpool Waterfront
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