Summer essentials

From postcards and prints to sunglasses and shorts, our retailers boast everything you could need when taking a trip to the waterfront.

Nature’s Treasure

Offering an eye-catching selection of treasures from around the globe, Natures Treasure has a dedicated range of coastal sculptures formed from seaside staple, drift wood. Making for the ideal addition to any home, choose from hanging ornaments, glass-domed creations, and even pearlized trochus.

Lost Soles

If you’re searching for unique graphic prints and exclusive designs, Lost Soles is the ultimate destination. Step inside and feast your eyes on luxury t-shirts summer shorts to prepare yourself for a full season of heat ahead.

The Nest

Boasting a magnitude of handmade goodies from local designers, artists and makers, take a part of the waterfront back home with you thanks to The Nest. Choose from prints illustrating the animals residing at the dock, sea life garlands with delicately drawn marine life and unique fish cards fit for any occasion.

Liverpool Pictures

With prints, pictures and postcards in abundance, Liverpool Pictures captures the cities most iconic landmarks. A trip to the waterfront isn’t complete without perusing and purchasing a postcard to tell everyone you wish they were here with you!

Quay Confectionary

Connoisseurs of confectionary, the dock’s resident sweet-shop is the destination for those in need of rainbow lollies, pick n mix and, of course, rock. Sure to bring back fond memories of the beach, choose from a variety of rock flavours including mint as well as strawberries and cream.

Red Run Activewear

Cool off with Red Run Activewear’s newest styles. With their recently restocked Storm 2.0 Collection and their latest Luminous collection also up for grabs, sport beautifully designed t-shirts and shorts, designed to make you both look and feel good.

Tate Shop

For the creatives among you, spend time in the seaside sunshine with Tate Shop’s Sunography Paper. A solar powered photography kit that reacts to sunlight, perfect for capturing the day’s fun in tandem with mother nature. With sunglasses and t-shirts also available, you can ensure you’re sunshine ready as you wander the waterfront.

Roly’s Fudge

It’s no surprise that the Great British Seaside and the taste of sea salt go hand in hand. With a trip to Roly’s Fudge, you can enjoy the senses of being beside the sea in the form of their crumbly sea salt flavoured fudge, a delectable treat that the whole family will love.

Harbour Accessories

Bursting with a range of rainbow accessories, stock up on those summer essentials at Harbour Accessories. From sun hats and sunglasses to parasols and silken scarves, whatever you’re in need of to keep the sunburn at bay, this is the place to find it.