Welcome Back!

09th June, 2020

We’ve missed having visitors and we’re looking forward to seeing you again. But first, a thank you. By staying at home you’ve helped the city open back up. And we’ve been working hard to make sure we’re ready to welcome you back.

While our restaurants, bars and attractions are getting plans in place for your return soon (keep an eye on the site for more details about re-openings), we’re ready for visitors again to come again and enjoy the waterfront.

You’ll see a different side to the Dock over the next few weeks. Fresh from our daily exercise and evening walks, we’re focusing on health and wellness. Join us for waterfront walks to blow the cobwebs away, whilst you enjoy the beauty of our UNESCO World Heritage site as your picture perfect backdrop.

There’s still plenty for you to see and do:

Walk, run or jog amidst one of the best views in the world. With gyms and leisure centres closed, thousands of people have discovered the joys of running or walking in the fresh air. Or cycle along the waterfront and stop and take a breather to take in the Dock. Just make sure you keep a safe distance.

Take in some colour at Albert Dock

Take in some colour when you visit Ugo Rondinone’s gravity-defying Liverpool Mountain, or capture our iconic columns and their reflections in the Dock’s calm waters. Liverpool Mountain is Rondinone’s first public artwork in the UK – and the first of its kind in Europe. Its psychedelic rock balancing is said to be meditative…

Soak up some culture

Soak up some culture. Albert Dock’s inspiring architecture is part of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage site. The city pioneered the development of modern dock technology, and Albert Dock stands at the heart of it. “I have heard of the greatness of Liverpool, but the reality far surpasses the expectation,” said Prince Albert as he opened the Dock in 1846, and we’re pretty sure that still stands today…

Walk through history at Albert Dock

Walk through history. Can you believe Albert Dock was built 174 years ago? The Dock’s technology was the foundation of the area’s architectural splendours, and it set a high bar for the buildings that followed. Walk from the Dock along the river to the Three Graces, and discover the city’s maritime history.

You’ll notice a few things have changed once you’re here, to keep all of our visitors safe. You’ll find more information about those changes here, and, if you’re planning to visit by car, our parking information is here.

We’ll also be announcing opening dates for our shops, restaurants, bars, galleries, museums and attractions soon. Keep an eye on our website and social media for more details…