Keeping the dock’s iconic waters clean

13TH July, 2022

A group of volunteers, complied of the dock’s own residents, retired professionals and students, help ensure the dock’s iconic waters are kept clean.  

As part as the Canal & River Trust’s aim to maintain the cleanliness and general upkeep of Liverpool’s waterfront, the group head out on ‘Buddy the Boat’ two times a week to clear waste and rubbish from the waters. 

Since forming 10 months ago, more than 45 tonnes of plastic and other waste has been removed from the dock with water quality also improving, as tested by local universities. Not only does this remove dangers to the marine life that call the dock home, but the team also break up large clumps of algae resting on the water’s surface, so sunlight can reach the bottom of the dock. 

The team’s fantastic work has led to Royal Albert Dock and Salthouse Dock being awarded Blue Flag Status in 2021 and again in 2022. 

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