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With a mouthwatering range stretching from sweet treats to slow-cooked meats, independent eatery Peaberry on the Dock has opened its doors...

Family-run coffee house and restaurant Peaberry has had a busy first fortnight at the Dock. The new eatery has opened its second venue at the Dock, focusing on locally-sourced meat and fish, with creative vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes for diners.

Popular Peaberry is run by husband and wife team Graeme and Clare Farrington; Clare’s brother Sean works as front-of-house. And, as a family-run business, the Peaberry team is keen to support other local, small businesses, and suppliers. ’When you come to us to eat and drink, you’re not just supporting us, you’re supporting a whole chain of independent local businesses,’ says owner Clare.

Clare Farrington
Graeme Farrington

As many of our suppliers are other local, small businesses, like us, she says, from the fruit and veg to the fish. ‘We use Wiliamson’s Butchers in Waterloo for our meat. They’re on the same street as our other restaurant, and we’ve built up a really great relationship with them. Graeme plans all of our menus, and knows exactly what he wants. He gets really nice fresh meat from them for things like the slow braised beef brisket for our BBQ brisket bagel, and the marinated rump steak for our Korean beef salad.

‘We buy our meat daily and know that because they’re only small, they’re not buying hundreds of things and freezing and storing it. The quality of the meat is so good – they’ve got a good reputation for being one of the best butchers in the area. They’ll also bring things over for us to have a look at it they really like it. They see a lot of meat and so, if they’re impressed they’ll bring it over and Graeme will create a dish from it.’

Peaberry food
Peaberry food

Peaberry’s cakes and pastries also have the same attention to local detail, with pastry chef Stephen Maddock, who runs local favourite The Little Macaron Shop, providing the sweet treats. ‘We’ve known him for years,’ says Clare. ‘He trained as a pastry chef in France before coming back to England. He makes our pastries and breads – at the moment he’s making us miniature coffee cakes, lemon meringue eclairs and giant macarons – we’ve got a pistachio and raspberry flavour and white chocolate and rose. He’s just brought us some red velvet brownie bites – it’s nice to have a surprise and see what we’ve got today. We trust him, and he knows the type of food that we go for, and our customers like, so we’ve given him free reign to surprise us.’

Peaberry Macarons
Peaberry Eclairs
Peaberry Cake
Peaberry Cakes

Peaberry’s beers are brewed literally over the road, by another traditional Liverpool name. ‘We use Love Lane for our craft ales – they’re just across the road, and not too widely available. We’re the only people on the Dock selling it.’

And the wine and other beers suppliers are local and family-run, too – from Wigan Beers and Clarke Jones. ‘It just makes such a difference to be able to get hold of someone on the phone when you need to,’ says Clare. ‘Supporting other family-run independents is important to us, but the service is great too, which benefits our customers.’


"We like the idea of doing something a bit different – giving people a reason to come here. A lot of the things on our menu are popular dishes, but with a little twist – like our avocado and mango with poached eggs, and our breakfast bagels."

Clare Farrington

Peaberry food
Peaberry food

Trying something new, and getting a range of tastes, is at the heart of the Peaberry ethos. Their tas-ter boards are one of their best sellers, giving customers a choice of flavours in one meal. ‘I always like trying different things,’ says Clare, ‘and it’s popular with our customers, too. Our boards create a real talking point – they’re put in the middle of the table for everyone to share, and it creates con-versation. It makes eating our a real experience.’

Peaberry on the Dock is open from 8am through to 10pm every day. Pay them a visit for breakfast, lunch or tea with a twist, and support a whole string of local small businesses while you’re at it.