Ways to enjoy a digital detox

After the busy social calendars of Christmas, there's no better time to step away from the screens and enjoy a digital detox. Soak up the culture at our world-class attractions, get in touch with your artistic side at Tate Liverpool, or delve into a world where phones don't even exist at Escape Hunt, a detox has never looked so good...

Tate Liverpool

Immerse yourself in a collection of ever-evolving, inspiring exhibitions at Tate Liverpool, including their ‘Whose Tradition’ display which rethinks the inspiration between different cultures with artworks from around the world. While exploring, devote your time to the art of ‘slow looking’. Whether it’s five or 15 minutes, if you really want to get to know a work of art, simply spend some more time with it.

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International Slavery Museum

As the only museum in the world dedicated to the history of the transatlantic slave trade and its legacy, a visit to the International Slavery Museum shouldn’t be missed. Step inside and explore the exhibition, Lambeaux (scraps) by Gilles Eli-Dit-Cosaque, featuring a moving journal with personal and historical photographs.

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Maritime Museum

If you’re in the mood for a historic voyage across the waves, head into the Maritime Museum. Explore the captivating stories of Liverpool’s seafaring community, and travel through time witnessing the changing nature of Liverpool’s wonderful waterfront with Life on Board and On the Waterfront.

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The Beatles Story

Discover how the young lads from Liverpool were propelled to stardom with a trip around the world’s largest permanent exhibition devoted to the Fab Four. Embark on an atmospheric journey through the decades, accompanied by instantly-recognisable memorabilia.

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Escape Hunt

Try your hand at beating the clock in one of five immersive games at Escape Hunt, ranging from Viking-covered lands to the wild west. Whether it’s a birthday bash or a family fun day out, work together and collect clues to earn your freedom before time runs out.

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